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musings story

At night promptly at 11:10 pm. I awoke to hear a scream .... The screams were coming from my room AND MY DESIRING  to write this. and where the screams came from the heart kusendiri, do not know why my heart screaming, crying, and mneyesali all that has happened. I have long been aware of a few minutes later! it turns out maybe I had done wrong kepaada my parents. I always argue, angry at them, and now realize how wrong I am diiriku this to our parents. Now I pensively, lamenting all the fault of this temporary world, a world in which the deposit is the world we d only in this environment are charged to preserve and protect it from tngan irresponsible. In this world that I'm already bnyak probably wrong to people = people around! Incalculable how many mistakes I am. Parents are terpentng things in life. Without them we can not beradda in this temporary world. They toil for a living for us! looking seupa rice for our lives, WHY WE How could they dare to our parents? not know whether we are on their sacrifice during this for us ?????
maybe we do not know him,. But we must get to know him for our good. Parents should we respect, we care and we keep yangmelahirkan .. MOM is the person we are. Contains us for 9 months 10 days. Tireless, hot and tired. AT the moment we were born ... we are beginning to scream cry.! why so?
That we can realize with very little time when we need to care for our parents ... how us if we are on leave without parents so alone??
nahhh it can also be encountered in the environment are where many children whose affair whose parents are ashamed of the presence of the child. But the act is not act like the norm, not the child should have an affair that results in waste and what more if the kill, it's very, very sinful. Message to the kids now ,,,,,,,, 
worship is  to parents, obey your parents, our mother sayagi, we can not return the favor to my mother but we just respect him and our little obey ,,,,,, make our parents happy? our bus could a   less sacrifice  repay them over to us a son is born d.

PARENTS care and obey OUR PARENTS.

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